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  • Tungsten Copper (WCu)

  • Molybdenum Copper (MoCu)

  • Silvar Kovar, Aluminum Graphite (AlGr), Copper Graphite (CuGr)

  • Isotropic

  • Tailorable Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

Laminate Thermal Management Materials


  • Copper Moly Copper

  • Super Copper Moly Copper (S – CMC)

  • Full ceramic side wall package

  • Micro assembly ceramic metal post

  • Optical package with ceramic feed through

  • Power package with ceramic side walls

  • RF package with connectors

  • Stand Alone Plating Service Available

  • Electroless & Electrolytic Plating

  • Plated pins and ceramic feed through

  • Plated high density ceramic package

  • Plated copper core pins with ceramic eyelets

Process / Capabilities

Press & Sinter

  • Santier uses proprietary powder formulations.
  • Manufactured products  are Copper Tungsten, Copper Molybdenum, Silver Kovar and Silver Invar.
  • Santier optimizes the CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion) by varying compositions.

Surface Treatment

  • To achieve specific properties, Santier combines a range of technologies including grinding, lapping and etching.


  • Several types of CNC machines are used every day.
  • They are optimized for prototypes and high volume runs.
  • Santier meets the tolerances demanded by today's market.


  • Santier is a volume manufacturer of EDM products.
  • Santier makes high specification outlines of anything from simple shapes to heavily profiled outlines.
  • This technology is often used in conjunction with CNC for specific features.

Tailorable Performance and CTE

Tailorable Stack-up

High Thermal Conductivity


  • Much of a package's success is due to Santier's in-house ability to produce highly toleranced, long lasting fixtures from graphite.
  • Santier's QA professionals meticulously monitor the condition of every fixture to ensure that high standards of product quality are maintained.


  • Santier can concurrently operate eight furnaces.
  • Operating temperatures for our furnaces vary from 300°C to 1000°C.
  • Brazing alloys include, but are not limited to, silver and gold-based alloys.

Part Geometry

  • The smallest brazed component Santier offers is just a few millimeters across.
  • The largest brazed component to date reaches over 120mm (5") square.
  • Shapes may be simple squares and rectangles, complex with specific profiles, or anything in between.


  • Santier's thermally matched metal composites include: copper tungsten, copper molybdenum, silver kovar, alloy 42 and aluminum graphite.
  • The other metals include: copper, aluminum, cold rolled steel, stainless steel and diamond composites.
  • The ceramics Santier brazes are HTCC Al2O3 multilayer ceramic, AlN and BeO.


  • Santier uses electroless and electrolytic nickel and gold from the world's leading supplier of process chemistry.
  • Santier has its own wet chemistry laboratory to ensure optimal bath conditions.
  • Santier cross-correlates its analyses with those taken by the supplier to ensure quality.

Racking & Barrel Plating

  • Santier uses "standard" racks and custom designs its own racks for specific parts.
  • In-line QA is built into the standard operating practice of the plating department.
  • Santier has several types of barrels which are suitable for plating small parts.

Plating Selection

  • The type of plating is selected based on product application.
  • Selective plating is achieved by a subtractive process.

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