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Commitment Beyond Our Part
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Yes, Our Engineering Is Cutting Edge...

But It's Our Commitment That Separates Us.

Santier, formally Plansee TMS, is a center of excellence for the engineering and manufacture of microelectronic housings and assemblies. Our integrated San Diego facility manufactures CuW (copper tungsten), CuMo (copper molybdenum), with other materials available such as CMC (copper molybdenum copper / Cu-Mo-Cu), S-CMC (Super Cu-Mo-Cu) AlGr (aluminum graphite), CuGr (copper graphite), Silvar Kovar, and provides assembly and plating integrating the custom thermal management material into hermetic IC packaging and microelectronic housings. Our product applications span the aerospace, defense, medical, telecom, communication and many other industries around the world.

All these capabilities operating in one facility safeguard the highest standards of quality and accountability. Because we are able to offer more complete end-to-end control of your projects, we ensure better collaboration in engineering and superior value.

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Our Commitment

We realize that you are looking for precise solutions from a trustworthy partner. We understand that your mission critical projects require not just experts for the right price, but experienced, dedicated professionals.

That is why we provide more than world-class design and manufacturing; we develop partnerships based on reliability, responsiveness and loyalty. Your relationship with us is the benchmark of our success.

Engineering & Manufacturing

• Innovative Prototyping Capability
• World-Class Engineers
• Partner In Engineering & Development
• From Concept To Completion


Dedicated Service

• Your Mission Critical Partner
• Responsive To Your Needs
• Reliable & Trustworthy
• Commitment Beyond Our Part

Our Philosophy

At Santier...

Our philosophy is to enable your success through a pinpoint collaborative process for an on time and on budget delivery to your specification.

Every piece we create is the crystallization of a mountain of variables.

Our Promise

At Santier we promise to serve you at the highest standards of service and expertise. To represent you as our primary interest; to be a committed partner; to keep your information confidential; to not promise what we cannot deliver; and to not take lightly our responsibility of helping you achieve your mission.


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Our Mission

To provide products in such a manner that satisfies all of our customers so much that they recommend our products to their peers, that our employees are proud to manufacture these products.

Commitment Beyond Our Part


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